okay so Jem and Tessa had been apart, unable to touch each other, let alone talk for extended periods of time, for so long, and there’s still people raising a stink about this?

take a moment and think about how in love Jem is with Tessa. he was more than willing to shorten his life for her, more than willing to give her up for Will’s sake and, later, mere friendship. That takes willpower, willpower that he rightfully lost when given the opportunity to finally bond with her like that.

And, really— come on. Will would definitely be tipping his hat to both of them, just as Jem had no qualms about Will having had children with Tessa. They’re parabatai; they support each other and give their love to Tessa when the other cannot. If you really think Will would dislike that Jem had sex with Tessa, you probably didn’t understand their friendship.

High-fives Jem tbh. As a Wessa, Jessa, and Heronstairs shipper, I’m more than ecstatic that Jessa got their moment and will continue to. Everything runs its course; Will and Tessa got a wonderful life, and now it’s Jem’s turn to be happy with his love.

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Real Folk Blues

Submission for the super rad Bebop Zine

I am thinking of you
I am near you at all times
As it is, just like this, I can keep living like this
Right now I want to be near you
My wish is to be near you
As it is, just like this, I will keep living like this



はぐはぐ by 藤丸